Sino Group Industries Limited was established in 1997. We are a leading supplier of electrical potting resins, dielectric conformal coatings, electro contact greases, adhesives & sealants, threadlockers, assembly lubricants, plastic compatible greases, automotive greases, MRO chemicals and automotive aftermarket (AAM) chemicals in Hong Kong and China. Our experienced sales team works closely with our customers to choose the right chemicals for their production and MRO needs. In addition, we provide them with the technical guidance & support. Our esteem customers include: the various departments of the Hong Kong SAR government, the container ports, public bus companies, railway companies, airlines, public utilities, food industries, toys manufacturers, electronics OEM factories, and home appliance manufacturers, etc.

CRC: Precision Cleaners / Conformal Coatings / Environmental Degreasers / Lubricants /
Corrosion Inhibitors / Greases
Conap: Epoxy / PU Potting / Conformal Coating
Loctite: Threadlockers / Instant Adhesives / SMD Adhesives
Dow Corning: Conformal Coatings / RTV Silicone
Shin-Etsu: RTV Sealant
Kontakt Chemie: Precision Cleaners / Lubricants

With the availability of extensive product lines and broad fields of technical know-how, our company is a reliable supplier to potential customers as we are a company with effective solutions.

Hong Kong Company: 
Sino Group Industries Limited
China Company:  江門市樂群經貿有限公司


Unit 1106, Hung Tat Industrial Bldg., 43 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong., Hong Kong.
Tel:  (852) 2389 3813
Fax:  (852) 2793 5322
China Mobile:  15017 626770 (Contact Person: Mr.Lam)
China Tel:  86-20-38798271 (Contact Person : Miss Chan)